Eco-Therapy Nature

Changing Patterns

There are times in our lives when we come to realize that the ways we have been living are no longer good for us. Ways that once may have helped us cope with challenges now stifle our life energy. 

I am discovering that the ways we as a culture respond to the earth crisis of our time is connected to the ways we as individuals deal with challenges in our personal lives. We feel overwhelmed, powerless, deeply troubled and we don’t know what to do about it. 

Our patterns to want to avoid big challenges, to not feel powerless, and to avoid pain is one story we have been living by. But when we widen the lens to consider the broader perspective of what this pain is telling us, we see there is wisdom in the distress. The old ways of being with others and of how we treat the earth are no longer of benefit. Letting go can be disorienting as we find ourselves in the unknown. 

When we open ourselves to the possibilities, what we discover is that there already is a new narrative emerging. The patterns we have been holding to will soon fade away, like the spectacular fall leaves around us. They will decompose, provide nutrients for the coming years, and new life will emerge. The patterns will re-emerge but with different understanding, a wider purpose for how to live. 

We can see this new narrative already taking shape. People are distressed about the plastics in oceans, people are engaging in earth-promoting practices like being part of building sustainable communities, many young people continue to seek out eco-related work. 

How can we make choices that are rooted in the values we hold of loving and respecting ourselves, one another and the earth? I believe some of the ways to start shifting our patterns is having the courage to face our pain. When we do, we can see that our distress holds wisdom. Our pain can be a necessary precipitous for change. 

How do we engage in the work to bring about a new narrative in a way that does not deplete us? For depleting our inner resources is no different from depleting those around us or our natural resources. How might our work to create a new narrative come from a place of balance? How might we continually reconnect with the sacred life energy of the earth to reinvigorate our spirits and purpose?

As each of us continues to strive for a better world, I invite you to pause and notice the vast beauty all around you and to let the hope of possibilities call you. 

Blessings of the vibrant fall leaves.