Centering to our Roots

Everywhere you look vibrant leaves are reflecting their gifts to this world before they are released and return to the soil. We feel such gratitude and awe for the colours, the sweet smell of fallen leaves and their crunch beneath our feet.

A theme that is vivid in my work at this time is of people letting go of what once served them and no longer does, just as the summer leaves that fed the plant no longer fulfill this role and can be released and laid to rest. The autumn plants are returning their nutrients back down to their roots as they expend the foliage from a seasons’ hard work and prepare for winter. So too am I witnessing people centering back to their roots, channeling their efforts to their core and toward what grounds them. For those I work with, I feel deep gratitude as together we name, celebrate and lay to rest the very things in their lives that had once been life giving and are no longer; that had once created a sense of connection, purpose or safety but no longer do. For some it is offering up ways of being that once was self-protective but has become stifling, for others it is parting well from a relationship that is no longer life giving.

For me, this season has been a practice of letting go of what feels superficial and self-deprecating. I am centering back into values of contributing to meaningful connections in my community, within myself with kindness, and at home of looking deeply into my children’s eyes.

I invite you too to celebrate what you are letting go of, to re-center and to reach deeply to the places that hold meaning for you.

Earth blessings this fall.