Days of Dark

As we nestle into these dark days of winter we are called inward to pause and reflect. The long nights and cold days invite a slowing pace and an opportunity to reflect. The plants buried under the glittering snow have sent their energy stores back to their roots and many creatures are hidden away in their inner dens. We too flow to this rhythm of introspection.

I have had the opportunity recently to go out for a number of snowy-filled sessions, equipped with our scarves and snowpants. I have witnessed first-hand people’s courage to step into these frozen places; to name and open up the challenges they are holding, to sink into their deeply felt emotions. I stand alongside as people invite the death of a way of living, to be present in that place of unknown, and to watch with hope for something new to be born. I am struck by their inner guidance to do this work, to trust in the pull toward wellness, and I notice as they develop a hardiness to be able to do this work.

With each outdoor session we enter a place of miracles unfolding. The calls of winter birds respond to our presence, the silent wisps of winter winds carry prayers of those beyond our time, and dancing snowflakes enfold us in their magical comforting presence.  Together we lay tracks in the snow and set out a new path beyond.

Living in this time when busyness can fill the air, I invite you too to welcome the silence of snow, to allow the shimmers of snowflakes to catch your heart, and to notice within yourself the gifts of winter.

May these days of dark hold your spirit's calling.



“Snow falling soundlessly

in the middle of the night

will always fill my heart

with sweet clarity.”

-Novala Takemoto