Climate change is so big, what can I do?

We are at a critical time in history, the choices we make today have implications beyond our awareness for the future of our planet. We can feel so daunted by the immensity of the problems, we freeze in response, not knowing what to do. We blame and shame others out of our own powerlessness. We continue business as usual from a place of overwhelm.

 Lately in my work with individuals, couples and families, I have been drawing on the metaphor of dropping a rock in water and the concentric circles that flow from it. I think of the inner core as our relationship with ourselves, the next circle as our relationships with others and the outermost waves as our relationship with the vastness of the earth. We have come to believe that the value of humans and the earth is in how productive we are, and this way has caused harm. How do we bring to these concentric circles symbiotic relationships where we center ourselves on what is healthy for us, others and the earth? What could it look like if we made decisions from this centre?

 I have witnessed people shift to bring kindness and compassion to our relationship with ourselves, in a way that opens responsibility and joy. I have watched people’s courage to open vulnerability and care with one another. I am hopeful that we are coming to a time where we can make decisions based on what contributes health and healing for the earth and ourselves.

 Previous colonizing generations used the earth to make a better life. What they didn’t know was their power and oppression. We are now at a time where we can acknowledge this pain and open ourselves to the sacredness within ourselves, in one another, and in the living breathing earth herself.

 In the midst of climate rallies, young and old together can participate in healing the interconnected web we are embedded in. Together we can vision a world where all life thrives.

 Blessings to you and the vast expanses of our sacred earth.